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Leading Positive Change & Enhancing Adaptability

Competencies | Change Management, Leadership, Flexibility, Time Management, Problem Solving
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Jeju Island/ Seoul, Korea
Dates | 20-24 Nov 2016

This program is designed to provide understanding on how to lead positive change and promote flexibility to help in dealing with challenges in the workplace.

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Leading Positive Change

“I will highly recommend it for our generation, our staff, my colleagues.
I will also recommend and talk about development in Korea to my young generations in Kuwait.”


Mr. Jamal Jaafar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait

Effective Leadership in Rapidly Changing Business Environment

Competencies | Leadership, Change Management, Team Management, Achieving Your Target
Participants | Senior Executives

Location | Seoul, Korea
Dates | 20-24 Nov 2016

This program is designed for high-level management to enhance their core change management & leadership skills by engaging them in lectures, active group exercises, and visits to leading Korean companies to learn best practices. 

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Effective Leadership

“I have learned about diversified economy, history of Korea and the hardship Korea experienced... It was very amazing and inspiring journey and I will pass this experience to my children and grandchildren.”


Mr. Ahmad Al-Jemaz

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO), Mina Abdulla Refinery,
Kuwait National Petroleum  Company (KNPC), Kuwait

Driving High Performance Through Innovation

Competencies | Driving Performance, Innovation, Achieving Ambitious Targets, Improving Productivity, Enhancing Creativity
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Seoul, Korea
Dates | 26-30 Dec 2016

Learn how to drive optimum performance in the workplace to enhance team output and increase productivity by fostering a culture of innovation and creative thinking.

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Driving High Performance

“I have gathered facts standing behind the Korean superior technology, perfect industry, vast innovation and smart people, what’s behind all that is a strong educational system and a strong leadership that is committed to excellence.”


Mr. Asaad Al Saad

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), Kuwait

Creative Problem Solving  & Managing a High Performing Team

Competencies | Creativity, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Motivation, Collaboration
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Jeju Island/ Seoul, Korea
Dates | 12-16 Feb 2017

This program is designed to enhance capability for creative problem solving and to build capacity for effectively managing a high-performing team.

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Creative Problem Solving

“This program is tailored perfectly. The experience of Korea is remarkable and it is a good case study of how to achieve innovation for GCC and KSA.”


Dr. Sherif Elabdelwahab

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
National Entrepreneurship Institute (NEI), Saudi Arabia

Economic Diversification via Innovation 

Competencies | Diversification Strategies, Enhancing Global Competitiveness, Innovative Thinking
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Seoul, Korea
Dates | 26-30 Mar 2017

This course focuses on key lessons from Korea’s success in building a highly diversified economy and the importance of innovation and R&D in driving rapid growth.

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Economic Diversification

“Thank you for carefully selecting the places visited and appreciate your kindness of understanding us as a group coming from GCC and taking special measures that are suitable for us.”


Mr. Salem Al Memari

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Management Department,
C4 Advanced Solutions (C4AS), UAE

Achieving Your Ambitious Goal & Creative Problem-Solving

Competencies | Creativity, Innovative Thinking, SMART Goal Setting, Team Alignment
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Singapore
Dates | 27 Nov-1 Dec 2016

The program is designed to build up capacity to deliver exceptional results by enhancing creative thinking and setting ambitious targets.

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Achieving Your Ambitious Goal

“The program was perfectly structured to give the delegates a high level understanding of how Korea drove its growth, despite not having natural resources, and be one of the 1st tier leader countries in a reasonable short amount of time.”


H.E. Jamal Al Dhaheri

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation (ADBIC), UAE

Driving Positive Change & Nurturing Your Talents

Competencies | Driving Positive Change, Change Management, Nurturing Talent, Calculated Risks, Adaptability, Coaching
Participants | Managers & Above/ Senior Executives/ Managers & Above

Location | Kuala Lumpur/ Singapore/ London
Dates | 4-8 Dec 2016/ 8-12 Jan/ 29 Jan-2 Feb 2017

The program is designed to instill skills and knowledge on how to drive positive change and effectively nurture talent in the organization. 

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Driving Positive Change

“An eye opening experience... The level of exposure we went through in learning about the government and private were very valuable.”


H.E. Salama Al Amimi

Executive Director, Efficiency & Quality Department,
Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), UAE

Creating Integrated Value & Effective Communication

Competencies | Integrated Value Management, Communication, Transparency, Collaboration, Teamwork 
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Singapore
Dates | 27 Nov-1 Dec 2016/ 8-12 Jan 2017

This program is designed to provide understanding on how to create integrated value through proactive communication and collaboration with stakeholders. 

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Creating Integrated Value

“I learned how people are connected and aligned across industries and communities. I have personally learned a lot and have a toolbox full of exciting ideas and suggestions to improve our ability to work together to achieve one goal.”


Mr. Omar Al Ameri

Vice President, Human Resource & Administration,
Advanced Military Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center (AMMROC), UAE

Taking Ownership and Managing Organization’s Challenges Effectively

Competencies | Ownership, Motivation, Strategic Planning, Role Modeling, Engaging Others
Participants | Senior Executives

Location | Kuala Lumpur
Dates | 4-8 Dec 2016

The program is designed to provide understanding on how to  encourage ownership at work and address organizational challenges effectively.

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Taking Ownership

“Thought-provoking and professionally stimulating... The lessons learned and business challenges received from Korea’s policymakers in rapid economic development is highly commendable.”


Mr. Adel Al Hashmi

Vice President, Commericial Division
Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO), UAE

Enhancing Job Efficiencies & Effective Teamwork 

Competencies | Enhancing Efficiency, Teamwork, Motivation, Continuous Improvement, Managing People
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Dubai
Dates | 18-22 Dec 2016/ 15-19 Jan 2017

This program is designed to provide insight on enhancing work efficiency by building up soft skills in areas relevant to team work.

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Enhancing Job Efficiencies

“It gives the confidence of ‘if you want to do something, you can do it, 'and shows ‘this is Korea, this is what they have done.’ They started from nothing, but today people can see them competing in the global market.If I have an opportunity, I will join this program again.”


Mr. Mahmoud Al Hosani

Vice President, Strategy & Performance Management,
Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO), UAE

Building Flexibility for Successful Change Management 

Competencies | Driving Positive Change, People Management, Enhancing Flexibility, Continuous Improvement, Positivity
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Dubai
Dates | 15-19 Jan 2017

This program is designed to provide understanding on change management & flexibility to help in effectively adapting to changing work circumstances.

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Building Flexibility

“This program really met and achieved the goal it was intended for... we will go back to Kuwait and take with us what we learned from here.”


Mr. Bassem Al Issa

Deputy Managing Director, Talent & Career Development,
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), Kuwait

Leadership with Foresight and Integrated Value

Competencies | Leadership, Goal Setting, Creating Integrated Value, Strategic Planning 
Participants | Senior Executives

Location | London
Dates | 29 Jan-2 Feb 2017

The program is designed to enhance leadership and foresight of executives and provide deeper insight on creating integrated value.

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Leadership with Foresight

“This will give me a different perspective in actual working methods and practices and I will be able to bring the learning to the management and rest of my colleagues.”


Dr. Adeeb Al AfifiDirector,
Export Promotion,
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADEC), UAE

Taking Ownership to Achieve Strong Results 

Competencies | Ownership, Motivation, Positive Communication, Achieving Targets, Strategic Planning 
Participants | Managers & Above

Location | Barcelona
Dates | 19-23 Feb 2016

The program is designed to build up capability to deliver exceptional results by providing understanding on how to take ownership at work.

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Taking ownership

“Truly saying this program has exceeded my expectation and addressed all of my business needs.”


Mr. Ayyad Al Kandari

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO), Drilling & Technology Directorate,
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait


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