Creativity & Innovation


Leading Innovation & Driving Positive Change  


Competencies | Innovation, Driving Positive Change, Creativity, Adaptability, Flexibility

Participants | Team Leaders & Above

Location | TBC

Dates | 2018 (TBC)


This program is designed to help participants acquire hands-on knowledge and skills to achieve a high level of creativity and innovation during management transition.

“[After taking this course,] I want to introduce a monthly or bi-monthly evaluation so instead of waiting 6 months to enhance something, you can enhance it all throughout the year.”


Mr. Ahmad Boland

Team Leader Project Coordinator, Zain


 Driving High Achievement via Accountability


Competencies | Performance Drive, Accountability, Teamwork, Motivation, Taking Ownership

Participants | All Levels
Location | TBC

Dates | TBC


This course focuses on driving high achievement in the workplace for optimum output by fostering a culture of accountability and organization-wide ownership.


“With a high degree of enthusiasm, along with strong belief in family and cultural traditions, Koreans have sacrificed and will continue to do so to ensure that their children get the best learning opportunities.”


Dr. Idrees Al-Rahbi 

Business Development Manager, Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C.


Economic Diversification via Innovation


Competencies | Diversification Strategies, Enhancing Global 

Competitiveness, Innovative Thinking

Participants | Team Leaders & Above

Location | TBC

Dates | 2018 (TBC)


This course focuses on key lessons from Korea’s success in building a highly diversified economy as well as the importance of innovation and R&D in driving rapid growth.

“The lessons learned from this course were without limit and they will highly influence each of the participants’ future work.”

Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi
Director, Health Authority-Abu Dhabi



 Developing Excellence in Customer Services

Competencies | Efficiency in Customer Services, Delivering Enhanced Value, Interpersonal Skills

Participants | All Levels

Location | TBC

Dates | 2018 (TBC)


This program is designed to develop effective customer service strategies and action plans in order to enhance customer satisfaction and build sustainable relationships with clients.


Enhancing Global Competitiveness via Latest Innovation

Competencies | Strategic Planning, Innovation, Leadership

Participants | All Levels

Location | TBC

Dates | 2018 (TBC)


Korea is now home to global players in numerous industries including IT/ICT, automobile, semiconductor, shipbuilding, construction, green technology and more. Participants will engage in valuable dialogues with key decision makers of government and private entities and explore strategies on how Korea became a 1st tier country within a few decades. They will also visit leading global innovative companies in R&D, IT, ICT, green technologies and gain insight of their strategies to foster innovation.

“It was rich, intense and well-rounded. I was privileged to learn about the SME Korean experience from key decision-makers and network with colleagues in the field.”


Dr. Dhafir Al-Shanfari

Head of Management Department, Sultan Qaboos University

Designed carefully and smartly... The outdoor activities impacted my behavioral competencies and teamwork.”


Mr. Bassam Jayed Al-Shammari

Team Leader Corporate Applications, Kuwait National Petroleum Company


Enhancing Efficiencies via Latest Innovations in IT/ICT

Competencies | Innovation, Customer Service, Engaging Stakeholders

Participants | Team Leaders & Above

Location | TBC

Dates | TBC


The program is designed to aid the development of effective customer service strategies and action plans in order to enhance customer satisfaction and build sustainable relationships with clients. Participants will visit leading organizations that excel in delivering high quality customer services and gain valuable insights from leading executives and policy makers on delivering excellent customer services in the public and private sector.

“Thank you for carefully selecting the places visited and appreciate your kindness of understanding us as a group coming from GCC and taking special measures that are suitable for us.”


Mr. Salem Al Memari

CEO, C4 Advanced Solutions (C4AS)


Creative Problem Solving & Building Strong Team Work


Competencies | Teamwork, Motivation, Problem Solving, Creativity, Partnership
Participants | All Levels

Location | TBC

Dates | 2018 (TBC)


This program is designed to provide understanding on how to use creative problem solving techniques and to instill knowledge and skills on building strong teamwork to a shared vision and goals.

“This will give me a different perspective in actual working methods and practices and I will be able to bring the learning to the management and rest of my colleagues.”


Dr. Adeeb Al Afifi

Director, Foreign Trade & Export Support

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development


Building Flexible Mindset & Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness 


Competencies | Flexibility, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Communication, Creativity, Teamwork
Participants | Team Leaders & Above

Location | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dates | 21-25 Jan 2018 (Conf)


This program is designed to provide practical learning on how to build a flexible mindset in order to create a team atmosphere that promotes a high degree of creativity & collaborative work.

“It was my first time to attend this kind of program. It was very interesting and beneficial. I thank the team who designed this program.”


Mr. Jaza Jazea

Senior Engineer, Quality Management System-Projects,
Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Kuwait

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