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Other Services

Daewon offers professional and reliable advisory services by identifying capable JV partners from Asia, screening potential investment targets, and facilitating business partnerships with entities from Asia.

Additionally, Daewon provides professional recruiting services for entities interested in hiring experienced and talented engineers and professionals from various sectors in Korea.



Identifying and screening talents in organizations


Search and connect skilled and experienced engineers between Asia and other organizations.

Recruiting Services

Daewon Advisory is a great resource for discovering and retaining experienced and knowledgeable Korean executives, engineers, and a host of other professionals in any field. Korea has established itself as having one of the most educated and capable workforces in the world, and this aspect has shown through in the country's recent success.


We have an extensive network that includes contacts in every industry, and we are now putting our resources at your disposal. Daewon's new recruiting and headhunting service affords you an extremely simple and efficient method to tap into the powerful resources of the Korean executive workforce.

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