Press Coverage

[Times of Oman] Oman Well-Placed for Diversified Industry, Says Korean Ex-minister
[Times of Oman]
[Korea Economic Daily] Public Enterprise Executives,
Charmed by Korea
[MBN News] Kuwait Oil Company Hires 30 Koreans
[DY News] UAE Youth Ambassadors Experience Military Life at Korea
Air Force Academy
[Korea Economic Daily] Leadership Training for the Next Generation in the Middle East
[MBN TV] Learning Journey to Korea is Becoming a
Huge Sensation
[Sinopec] UAE Youth Ambassadors on China TV
[KBS News] 2013 GASCO Recruitment Campaign in Korea
[] Students of UAE Youth Ambassadors Program Visit South Korea
[TheNational] Youth Ambassadors Program
in South Korea
[Zawya] 20 College Students Dispatched to Korea under the UAE Youth
Ambassadors Program
[Finance News] UAE University Student's Field Trip to Dusan Heavy Industry
[AbuDhabi TV] HHS Mohammed Bin Zayed Receives Students of the UAE Youth Ambassadors
[The Korea Times] Ex-finance Official Bridges Korea,
Gulf States
[The NY Times] A Modern Silk Road Between Asia and the Middle East
[MK Business] Hyun-Joo Lee, CEO of Daewon Advisory Services, Bridges Korea and Gulf States
[NewsISIS] Soo-Won Lee, Commr of KIPO, Lecturing to 3rd Delegation from Abu Dhabi
[Seoul Economy] Abu Dhabi Sees Great Example of Economic Development in Korea
[News ISIS] Abu Dhabi Investment
Authority & Korean
Government When They
Agree to MOU
[JoongAng Daily] Abu Dhabi Learns from Korea's Past
[Seoul Economy] Abu Dhabi Sr. Officials Dispatched to Korea for Economic Mission
Attending a Program
[MK Business] Abu Dhabi Officials Highly Impressed with Korea Education System
[Yonhap News] MIN of Strategy & Finance (MoSF) Promised Close Cooperation with UAE for Mutual Improvement
[MK Business] Abu Dhabi Senior Officials Visit Korea
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