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Tailored Programs

“I didn't know anything about Korea before. I an amazed at Korea's success story for the past 40 years. Even the best scholars and business experts couldn't exactly find out how Korea went from one of the poorest countries without natural resources to one of the leading countries of the world.”


Mr. Tariq Almasoud

Team Leader, Commercial, KIPIC


Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) 

2017 KIPIC Team Leaders Program: Driving Change via Innovation


This program was designed to provide practical knowledge on how to take a cross-functional responsibilities in managing projects by focusing on key skills related to project management, planning, as well as effectively managing the teams to successfully execute projects .

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) 
2017 KNPC Team Leaders Experiential Leadership Program


This program expanded on project and team management skills by gaining deeper and broader insights on how to handle projects successfully. The program also included various site visits to global companies, interactive lectures, and individual and group activities.  


“This program made me realize that I have not been trying my best to get the best out of my team members. I would like to share the lessons learned from this program with my engineers so that we can move forward together.”


Ms. Suzan Al-Shammari

Team Leader, Technology Support, KOC

KNPC TM 2017

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) 
2017 KNPC Talent Management Program: Creativity & Innovation


The KNPC Talent Management Program was designed to inspire and further develop high potential talented staff of KNPC by polishing their core capabilities to build astrong and robust organizational culture that fosters creativity & innovation, managing change and further enhancing their leadership potentials based on Think K leadership model.

“For this course, the keyword for me was change. Attempting to bring about change is definitely a challenge, but I have learned that change can bring a brighter future.”

Mr. Ahmad Ahmad

Senior PSM, HSE, KNPC 

Talent Management

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) | 2015
Talent Management Program in Singapore: Building Your Potential


This 6-day program was designed for future leaders of KNPC to become a talent powerhouse by instilling and polishing their skills in the areas of goal-setting, leadership, team work, communication, creativity and presentation. Through this tailor-made program, KNPC future leaders gained insight into Singapore's economic development history and milestones.

“When everyone doubted the long term plans that was suggested, they didn’t give up and they kept on reaching for the goal... Looking at what Singapore has achieved and what they have now, I learned that it is very important to lay down solid groundwork for the next generation.”


Mr. Yousef Ali Hussain Yousef

Team Leader, Workforce Planning, KNPC


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) 
2017 KOC Fresh Graduate Talent Program


This program was designed to train newly recruited KOC staff over the course of 1 year to take on important tasks to achieve the goal and mission of KOC and ultimately contribute to Kuwait's national economy. This program combined the Asian way of  teambuilding and disciplining new employees to quickly enhance their communication, teamwork, speedy execution of assignments and critical job skills to develop highly effective and efficient KOC UDs.

“This program was very fascinating and wonderful. We had a great time in Korea where we have learned a lot of things that we can apply in our jobs and
especially in our lives. We want to get Kuwait back on top track again like the
1970s, so we have to work hard and implement what we have learned in Kuwait.”


Mr. Abdulmohsen Hasan

 Engineer, KOC

KOC-Fast Track Creativity Sub

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) – Rising Leaders 
Fast Track Program for Creativity & Innovation


This 10-day program was designed to inspire the rising leaders of KOC through benchmarking latest innovations in science & technology and studying how creativity leads to global competitiveness. The Rising Leaders of KOC also visited globally known companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, KT&G, and POSCO.

“I would like to thank Daewon Advisory for this great program that encourages us to get out of the box in terms of solving the activities that we had... The program has been influential on all of us, and we have learned a lot of lessons that will help us in our company and our country.”


Mr. Qutaiba Okasha

Senior Planner Performance Management, KOC


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) - Team Leaders 
Leadership & Change Management


This program is specially designed for Team Leaders to enhance their leadership and managerial skills by looking into successful business practices of change management and leading experiences. They learned valuable leadership lessons and were exposed to Asian work ethics, discipline, diligence, and teamwork. 

“The study cases were all real and very effective as far as communication skills and leadership…I highly recommend visiting Korea and taking this course.”


Mr. Muhsin Ali

Team Leader Major Projects, KOC

KOC-Enhancing Global Sub

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) – Medical Practitioners & Administrative Staff 
Enhancing Global Competitiveness of Medical Services


This program was designed to benchmark Korea’s leading hospitals in the treatment of severe diseases and discuss areas of collaboration to enhance medical services for the KOC. Highlights include exploring Korea’s medical service industry and key strengths and the latest trends in the treatment of cancer and cardiac-related illnesses. Participants had a chance to talk about potential areas of collaboration including the acquisition of doctors, on-the-job training (OJT) programs as well as the referred patient treatment system.

“It’s a great program for everybody, even went beyond and exceeded our expectation. The program was well constructed and it really met our demands ....I will highly recommend it for our generation and our staff, my colleague even not only this one, I think I will also recommend and talk about development in Korea to my young generations in Kuwait.”


Mr. Jamal Jaafar



Kuwait Oil Company(KOC) - Planning Group 
Enhancing Strategic Planning Capabilities


This program was designed to fully expand their capacities for planning, innovative skills, change management, loyalty, and cooperation. Diverse activities such as simulations and team activities, case studies, and close coaching sessions with HR professionals enabled them to successfully apply the lessons learned from the program to their own work at KOC.

“A lot of lessons learned whether it’s for your life or for work. Great activities that we were able to grow together as a part of KOC... I would definitely come back, it was a great experience.”


Ms. Mona Zamoon

TPL Specialist Planning, Drilling & Technology, KOC

KOC Planning Group

Taking Ownership to Deliver Strong Results


This program was designed for Zain employees to enhance their job performance by taking more ownership and to deliver better outcomes to achieve organizational goals.

“This program was by far one of the most memorable, useful, and enlightening workshops I have taken at Zain. I very much enjoyed and learned a lot from it.”


Ms. Sarah Almenis

VIP Account Manager, Zain

QLC-Rising Leaders Sub

Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC) 
Rising Leaders Program for Incubating and Fostering Your SMEs


This program was designed for the rising leaders of the QLC as one way to learn about incubating and funding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which is an important step to achieve economic diversification in Qatar. Participants met with key current and former decision makers in the government who were responsible for creating the ecosystem to develop Korea’s thriving SME sector. The program featured discussions and site visits with senior executives from leading SMEs industries as well as looked into potential areas of collaboration. 

“Korean people are dedicated... They go out and work hard to make that dream come true. They all worked toward a common goal, which is to make their country better. What I want to bring back to Qatar is how we can translate our national integrity and national pride into something physical, something that we can push Qatar to the next level to be one of the best countries in the world.”


 Mr. Saoud Al-Mannai

Business Analyst, Tasweeq

Qatar Leadership Center

CPC YAP Korea Sub

“There are a lot of valuable lessons I learned during my OJT and the program, but one of the most useful lessons that I have taken from this internship is that as long as you are willing to try to adapt into a much different field, it is possible... I wish to apply these lessons I learned in UAE some day.”


Ali Alblooshi

Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Institute

Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi 
UAE Youth Ambassadors Program in Korea


Since 2012, Daewon provides 3-4 week intensive summer immersion program in Korea for UAE Youth Ambassadors carefully selected by the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi. This program includes intensive courses covering Korean language, leadership, culture, as well as business practices. Youth Ambassadors take away valuable lessons related to innovation while forming new friendships with their peers from Korea. The advanced level program also includes summer internships at some of the reknowned companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, Korea Electric Power Co, DUZON and Samsung Engineering.

Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi 
UAE Youth Ambassadors Program in China


This 3-week program was specially designed for the young leaders chosen by the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi to become regional experts for China. Participants took intensive Chinese language classes and had the opportunity to learn in depth about Chinese leadership, culture, business practices and the latest technologies. 

Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi – Directors &Staff 
Enhancing Capabilities & Customer Services of Citizen Affairs


This program was designed for the directors and staff of the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi who are responsible for delivering excellent government and customer services to their citizens. Participants heard from key decision makers in Korea who played major roles in driving key changes within government policies and helped improve citizen affairs and public services by introducing innovative system and measures. 

CPC Enhancing Capabilities Sub
CPC-YAP China Sub

“We had an opportunity to learn the lessons from the speakers who were actually involved in developing Korea, and the visits were very useful in terms of supporting these lessons. I would like to thank you and the wider team at Daewon for making our experience in Korea a remarkable one.”


Mr. Ibrahim Al Mannaee 

Associate, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court

“I uncovered many aspects of life in South Korea and learned many things about their culture, lifestyle, industrial sector, systems of management, public relations, and history. The program also enhanced my communication and time management skills, and many other things in relation to my studies.”


Ibrahim Salem Khamis Aqeel Bin Madhi

Abu Dhabi University, Mechanical Engineering 

CPC-Key Sub

Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi – Senior Staff 
Key Leadership Lessons from the Great Leaders of Korea


This 5-day program was designed for the senior staff and directors of the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi to look into leadership lessons from highly respected leaders of Korea. The lessons were to explore how the Korean government develops new policies and mobilizes central and local governments to achieve an ambitious national vision and site visits included the National Assembly, Protocol Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Gangnam Municipal Government. 

GSEC Role Globally Sub

“The level of exposure we went through in learning about the government and private relation was very valuable. I really advise others to get the benefit of the next program which will, definitely, capitalize their knowledge and experience.”


H.E. Salama Al Amimi

Executive Director, Abu Dhabi Education Council

General Secretariat of the Executive Council in Abu Dhabi 
Program for Role of Globally Competitive Human Capital in Economic Diversification


This program was designed for Executive Directors of Abu Dhabi Government who are responsible for achieving the UAE’s goal of economic diversification through developing globally competitive human capital resources. Executive Directors heard from key decision makers in Korea introducing innovative measures to nurture highly efficient and globally competitive human resources. 

UAE Steel-Think Science Sub

“This course is very important and I hope that we have the same courses for the government entities in Kuwait.”


Ms. Eman AlMutairy 

Deputy Secretary for Strategic Forecast, Supreme Council for Planning & Development

Emirates Foundation 
Think Science Ambassadors Program for Youth Development

This youth program was designed to inspire STEM students by sharing Korea’s culture, business life, and latest innovations in science& technology. The program included many site visits to companies excelling in the IT and research industry so students could see how innovation and technology can open new opportunities for the development of the economy and also its citizens. 

Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) – Senior Managers & Executives 
Developing a Globally Competitive R&D Center & Industrial Zone


This program was designed for senior managers and executives from KPC and KOC who are responsible for developing industrial zones and state of the art research & development centers to achieve economic diversification and sustainable growth in Kuwait. Participants engaged with policymakers responsible for the success of Korea’s industrial zone and R&D centers. 

KPC-Developing Globally Human Sub
SIDF-Incubating Sub

“The Daewon team presented a great example of perfect teamwork, and with special warmth I recall their hospitality. If I were to rename their office, I would call it "Daewon Family.”


Ayesha Khalil, Petroleum Institute

“ I enjoyed talking to Former Minister who came for the session and discussed the details of the main issues we concentrated on during the session and some of the tips on how to actually utilize successful stories.”


Mr. Thamer Al-Nafisi

Team Leader, Technical & Regulatory Affairs, KNPC

Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF), Kafalah Program, Takamol Holding 
Incubating & Fostering Your SMEs


This program was designed to provide SME professionals and managers a 3-week on-the-job training (OJT) about financial & non-financial support measures for SMEs. The program consisted of lectures and key SME support agency visits located in Seoul, Daejeon, and Busan. Participants learned about policies and subsequent measures to support and nurture SMEs, government support for start-up businesses, and diverse financial aid options for SMEs and venture firms. 


“I saw the results of hard work and a passion for being the best in some of the most successful SME’s in Korea... If you’re going on this journey, be ready to return home with a wealth of inspiration.”


Nawaf Bin Khamis

Senior Credit Analysis, Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) 

Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) – Deputy Ministers 
The Art of Team Building to Turn the National Vision into a Reality


This program consisted of lectures and site visits spread over a span of five days in June 2013. Participants came from various Saudi Arabian government organizations including The Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Shura Council. Participants were given a thorough introduction of Korea through diverse opportunities including a meeting with the former Prime Minister Woon-Chan Chung. 

Mubadala Aerospace 
Developing Competitive Human Capital & Enhancing Efficiencies


Participants from Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre (AMMROC), Horizon Flight Academy and Abu Dhabi Technologies were exposed to various systems in fostering efficient human capital and technology advancement to establish a world-class aerospace industry in the UAE. Participants visited aerospace sites including Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and also engaged in dialogues with notable speaker including Dr. Dong-man Ahn, the former president of the Agency for Defense Development.

Mubadala-Developing EnhancingSub
Abu Police-Developing Sub

“The program provided a full insight on how innovation and technology along with proper planning and governmental policies blend together on a long journey towards growth... The program was very good for networking and may potentially open the door for further collaboration with Oman.” 

Dr. Idrees Al-Rahbi 

Business Development Manager, Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to meet with the senior officials and executives who were the first generation of developing world-class industries. They had so much experience and knowledge and were very willing to share with us.”


Dr. Jasem Al Ali 

Senior Manager, Mubadala Aerospace

Ajman UAE - Senior Officials 
Lessons from Korea and Implications for the UAE


Participants had the opportunity to hear firsthand from policymakers responsible for fostering human capital that led to the success of Korea's industrial development. The speakers included government officials such as the former Vice Minister and secretary general to the Prime Minister H.E. Won-dong Cho and senior executives from leading Korean companies. The program also featured site visits to Korea’s local government, education and healthcare departments and also to leading firms in the research& development industry. 

Abu Dhabi Police 
Developing Human Talent and Enhancing Efficiency


This program was designed for senior officers of the Abu Dhabi Police Force who are responsible for developing necessary human capital for maintaining the UAE’s domestic security. Participants were exposed to various sites pertaining to domestic security such as Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the U-Gangnam Consolidated CCTV Monitoring Center. The program also offered meetings with notable speakers such as the former Chief Officer of the presidential security service H.E. Joo-seob An and former Senior Secretary to the president for Economic Affairs H.E. Byong-won Bahk. 


“The vision, mission and strategy are clear and have been developed from the bottom up and cascaded from the top down. I have personally learned a lot and have a toolbox full of exciting ideas and suggestions to improve our ability to work together to achieve one goal.”


Mr. Omar Al Ameri

Vice President of HR & Administration, AMMROC

“I do salute the Korean people for this extraordinary achievement that distinguished them among the nations that own all the resources.”


Mr. Salem Al Shamsi

Human Resources Specialist, Ajman Land & Property Department (LPD)

UAE Innovation Ambassadors

Program in Korea

The UAE STEM Program is designed for rising young leaders of the UAE to learn more about Korean innovation, leadership, culture, business practices, the latest technologies. Students will learn valuable leadership lessons and gain exposure to top global industries headquartered in Korea.

UAE Innovation SUb

“ Innovation Ambassadors Program in South Korea is more than wonderful. 

It taught me many new things. Throughout the program, I had learned various skills and experienced different environments. We saw a number of innovative ideas and creative items.”


Ms. Mei AlAli

Student, UAE Innovation Ambassador, UAE



Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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