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Great Experience at Daewon

How did you become a Junior Associate at DAEWON?

It was last year that I decided to take a break after the first semester in college.

At first, I just wanted to take a rest before I serve in the military.

However, one of my professors told me about Daewon, so I decided to apply.

Through the interview, I realized that I could learn a lot of things from Daewon and have diverse experience.

My DAEWON Family

What did you learn from your experience?

I learned numerous things from Daewon which helped me to enhance my abilities.

First of all, thanks to the fellow co-workers in Daewon, I learned what cooperation is. They always showed me respect and helped me with my work. They also shared tasks to make the best result. It was one of the reasons why I was able to survive here in Daewon even though it was my first experience as an intern.

Secondly, through the programs that we hosted, not only I was able to improve my communication skills, but also met various people from different fields. This helped me to think more about my future and motivated me to work harder.

With my coworker, Kamilah

Future plans?

I have to serve in the military after the great experience at DAEWON. However, I will keep studying and try to improve my capabilities before I finish the military service. I would really miss my coworkers.

Won Jun Do

Kook-Min University, Sociology

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