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Daewon Courses for a Cause

Shanghai, China. Daewon participated in a fundraising event and donated 2 of its courses, the Youth Creativity & Leadership Program and Ladies Health & Wellness Program, for the benefit of Chunhui Children.

About Chunhui Children

Chunhui Children aims to provide responsive care for children who, for whatever reason, have lost what should be every child’s birthright – someone who cares.

Chunhui Children exists to bring family love and care to China’s most vulnerable children. We operate and support nurturing and education programs with a proven track record for enabling at-risk children to reach their full potential.

"We will not stop until every child knows she is loved, knows her life matters, and has a chance at a bright future."

Chunhui Children has been working with supportive, government-run Social Welfare Institutions to bring its professionally-developed and proven programs to institutionalized children.

These institutions provide for the physical needs of underprivileged children and we complement their work by hiring and training full-time Chunhui Mamas to ensure that every child has the chance to develop a secure attachment to a nurturing adult.

Bidding process

Lot 11: Youth Creativity & Leadership Program

For the benefit of Chunhui Children

Lot 12: Ladies Health & Wellness Program

For the benefit of Chunhui Children

The event ended in success. All proceeds will go to Chunhui Children, Shanghai, China.

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